Zack "Acid" Kelley

Team Owner // Terran // Master

Acid started his Starcraft 2 career from playing Broodwar his entire childhood. Upon Starcraft 2's release one of his best friends got into Masters and he was insanely jealous. This was his motivation to keep playing more and more. Along the way he found playing in tournaments and team leagues to be a lot of fun.


Skylar "Mistakes" Hoy

Team Captain // Zerg // Grandmaster

Skylar “Mistakes” Hoy is 23 years old. He was born and raised in the Seattle area. He's a former Pro Am Motocross rider and currently works in IT. He has his AAS:CIS. Mistakes started playing Brood War in 1999. He has played it consistently throughout his childhood and became a huge fan. His skill got to the point where he could compete with B+ players on ICCUP. When he got his hands on the StarCraft2 BETA he dropped all other games that he had been playing at the time and focused on StarCraft2. Playing StarCraft1 for many years, and StarCraft2 since BETA, it has become a big part of his life. Growing up with StarCraft, he has developed an innate talent for it. He spends more time watching StarCraft to come up with new ideas than actually playing the game, as the mechanics come fairly naturally after all these years. Mistakes is quite fond of creating his own way to do things, and coming up with his own builds and style. His strength is definitely in the midgame; multitasking, and macro. Mistakes' tournament results consist of two top 4 and two 2nd place finishes in minor online events. His non-StarCraft time is mostly consumed by work, and going to see various metal music artists live. P.S. 김민철 과 최지 성 화이팅!


Devon "Hushang" Prefontaine

Protoss // Grandmaster

Currently, Hushang is working on getting his masters in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. He enjoys working out and studying Korean/French during his spare time. Stylistically, HuShang's main strengths are in multitasking, execution, and the amount of time he plays superior to his peers. He's a hard worker as well as extremely hard on himself about his play. His favorite players are Parting, Dear and Naniwa.


Clyde "Dzerzhinsky" Vermell

Terran // Master

Dzerzhinsky first started his Starcraft 2 career in 2010 as a result of his post-dissertation search for a good post Warcraft 3 RTS. His experience in RTS  that can be applied to his SC2 skills really lie within Command & Conquer, this helped bolster his macro and strategy. He's always found himself in the top leagues when playing games.


Logan "Xellos" Terriah

Terran // Grandmaster

Alex "Epic" Damain

Terran // Grandmaster

Steve "Zero" Lu

Terran // Grandmaster

Zero first got StarCraft 2 as a birthday present from his friends in 2011. He played Zerg throughout the remainder of Wings of Liberty and the beginning of Heart of the Swarm until finally switching to Terran. Currently, he studies Computer Science at the University of Toronto.


Brandon "AstroPenguin" M.

Protoss // Master

Ghulmore began playing starcraft around the brood war days but didn't get serious about it until he found Wings of Liberty. He has extremely random views and opinions that don't make sense to even be voiced by a human being but he shares them anyway.


David "EnderSword" Creamer

Protoss // Master

Currently, EnderSword is the Director of eSports Canada. For awhile now, he has been seeking and playing any competitive game he can find. He enjoys casting, planning events, and tournaments.


Arnaud "KoopA" Roy

Protoss // Master

At the age of 14, KoopA made the decision to pursue a career in competitive gaming and could not decide between Call of Duty and Starcraft 2. After watching an Idra vs MMA game in which MMA decided to kill his own Command Center  and Idra quitting early, he felt the energy coming from the crowd and casters. He was blown away even though he knew nothing about Starcraft. At that moment he knew that was what he wanted to do. He's now in Masters and dreams of succeeding as a pro gamer.


Sheldon "Seither" Barrow

Terran // Grandmaster

Calls himself the "Darkhorse" of the team.


Salvatore "UpATree" D'Amore

Terran // Master
Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang

Zerg // Grandmaster

Gary "draco" Thomas

Protoss // Grandmaster

Chris "Genie" Tanner

Zerg // Master

Matt "HitmanJR/TaeTiSeo" Kemerer

Protoss // Grandmaster

John "NuBrGNi" Victor Kim

Zerg // Grandmaster