DG knocked out ISTL semifinal qualifiers (10/5/2013)

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DeadlyGaming vs Gravity – GAME 1 – HuShang (P) vs KoreanAir (Z)
– Current Score: 0-0
– Map: Whirlwind LE

Spawn Positions:
|DG|HuShang – 11 o’clock position
[Grav]KoreanAir – 7 o’clock position

The Game:
In our first game for this evening, we have DeadlyGaming’s HuShang, playing against one of Gravity’s zerg players, KoreanAir!

HuShang opens with a 13 Gateway followed by a 15 Double gas, placing 2 probes on each gas while starting a cybernectics core in his own base quickly followed by an early Nexus expansion. Good stuff.

HuShang scouting, spots a quick evolution chamber from the zerg player before ling speed is even begun. Is HuShang up against a quick a 1+ roach timing? HuShang places a stargate in response to the early evolution chamber before starting his warp-gate technology.

With the 6:00 time rapidly approaching, HuShang places down another 2 Gateways, completing his natural wall-off, quickly followed by 2 Phoenixes. HuShang brilliantly uses these phoenixes to clean up numerous overlords, all while defending his natural from a quick zergling run-by from his zerg opponent.

HuShang showing great early game control and scouting that there are still no roaches in the game, he places down a Robotics Bay along with a forge and immediately starts +1 Ground Attack upgrade upon completion of the Forge.

With the opponent Zerg player establishing multiple spore crawlers at each base, HuShang’s phoenixes are forced to retreat, but at no loss and having multiple kills amoung the phoenixes.

At the 9:30 mark HuShang places down a Robotics Bay with a 3rd Nexus and starts producing a single Void Ray. What does HuShang have up his sleeve?

With HuShang’s third base under construction along with 3 gateways, multiple Zealots and Sentries are stationed there to defend it from any potential zerg attack, and what a great precaution it was as a small +1 Zergling hitsquad attempts to attack the third base of HuShang. But our HuShang defends it flawlessly taking next to no damage.
At the same HuShang is defending his third base, he once again begins harassment with his 4 Phoenixes but unfortunately gets forced into retreat from a group of nasty queens after getting only a few kills.

At the 15:00 mark, HuShang is looking strong with a dangerous army composing of Zealots and Sentries along with 2 Collossus and 3 Void rays, with another 3 in production.

HuShang also has his +1 Air attack, +2 Ground Attack and Thermal Lance upgrades on the way. He’s looking mighty and dangerous at this position with in the game 156 supply against the zergs 160.

Warping in another wave of zealots and starting the zealot charge upgrade, HuShang is caught by surprise at his 3rd by a dangerous Ultralisk/Baneling/Queen attack by the zerg opponent.
HuShang having superb positing at his third, his zealots are perfectly taking all the damage at the front forming a wall against the ultralisk, while his colossus and voidrays are tunnling damage directly in to the zerg forces, forcing the zerg army to retreat after taking heavy damage losing almost all of the ultralisk, giving HuShang the supply lead 148 to 137.

HuShang in a domniate position, opts to play it safe taking a 4th base, pumping out another 3 void rays and starting a Templar Archive after scouting a Spire, giving HuShang the power of storms incase of that
dreaded multalisk occuring.

At the 18:00 mark both players are high in supply at 180 each and a cheeky ultralisk attack occurs at HuShang’s 4th in attempt to deny it before it’s completion but HuShang overthrows the attack causing the ultralisk to retreat before any real damage occurs.

HuShang continues producing his terrifying army that now has an additional 5 void rays, taking the count up to around 10~ while starting his 3+ Ground Attack and Psy-Storm upgrades.

With another Zerg attack imminent, HuShang is quickly forced in to another defense at his third base and thankfully HuShang is not met with a mutalisk switch, but instead a large force of ultralisks and corruptors. With Hushang’s large number of voidrays, he successfully defends his third base and cleans up the ultra/corruptor attack while only losing his zealots.

With free supply after losing a group of zealots and one colossus, HuShang warps-in 14 High Templar, converting them in to 7 Archons! HOLY SMOKE!

With HuShang’s army at this point seeming unstoppable, he proceeds to take a 5th base and once again is met by a remaxed zerg army in one last ditch attempt to weak/destroy HuShang’s army. But with the large number of Voidrays and Archons, HuShang again successfully defends the attack, forcing
Gravity’s KoreanAir to GG, giving HuShang the victory for our first game!

Great game and well played to both players!

1-0 to DeadlyGaming


DeadlyGaming vs Gravity – GAME 2 – HuShang (P) vs Serenity(P)
– Current Score: 1-0 DG
– Map: Akilon Wastes

Spawn Positions:
|DG|HuShang – 5 o’clock position
[Grav]Serenity – 11 o’clock position

The Game:

Going in to our 2nd game, we have HuShang playing against Gravity’s protoss player, Serenity!

Both players opening with a 13 gateway and double gas at 16 supply, we have a mirror builds down to the wire so far… until HuShang opts to saturate both gas geyers with 3 probes while Serenity only has 2/3 probes on each gas. Shenanigans possibly?

Serenity proceeds into warp-gate tech while HuShang decides to throw down a Twilight Council proceeding with warp tech. My DT sense is tingling..
AND THEN BAM. DARK SHRINE. HuShang is going in to DT play and how will Serenity respond to this?

Unfortunately for HuShang, Serenity scouts the Dark Shrine and immediately places down a Robotics Facility and begins constructing an observer.

Serenity begins with aggression at 6:30, placing a pylon in HuShang’s base while at the same time HuShang attacks Serenity with his first single DT.
Serenity pushes into Hushang’s base with 7-8 stalkers doing significant damage to HuShang.

At the 7:50 mark, HuShang pulls probes at his base showing a sign of panic while losing power to 2 gateways and his Cybernectics Core.
Serenity continues doing aggressive damage with a force of 3 zealots and 9 stalkers, taking out HuShang’s Cybernetics Core.

HuShang manages to get out an Immortal along with a few Sentries but unfortunately it is not enough to defend against Serenity’s aggressive Stalker attack.

Serenity having a large supply lead 77 to 37, HuShang’s probes are pulled in desperation and the remaining forces are destroyed by Serenity’s aggressive attack.

HuShang had an incredible defense and put up a fantastic fight but unforunately Serenity’s force was too much.
Gravity’s Serenity takes the 2nd game, tieing the series 1-1.

Well played by both players!

1-1 Even Score!


DeadlyGaming vs Gravity – GAME 3 – Ghulmore (P) vs Serenity(P)
– Current Score: 1-1
– Map: Polar Night LE

Spawn Positions:
|DG|Ghulmore – 6 o’clock position
[Grav]Serenity – 12 o’clock position

The Game:

For our 3rd game, we have our Gulmore (P) playing against Serenity (p).
Both players placing down a 13 Gateway followed by 14 single gas with another gas at 16 being placed for both players.

Another standard opening build with both players having 3 probes on each gas though.

4 Minute Warp Gate tech follows with both players but with Serenity opting to place down a Stargate while our Ghulmore decides to expand.
We currently have have a Stargate with oracles for Serenity vs a robototics bay and expansion for DG’s Ghulmore.

Approaching the 6:00 mark, the stargate is completed and the first Oracle is chronoed and rallied directly across to Ghulmore’s base. One phoenix is followed by the oracle

Ghulmore caught off-guard, Serenity’s Oracle reaches Ghulmore’s base proceeding to deal large damage to the economy resulting in 6 probe kills, forcing a nexus overcharge and ensuring the base is safe for now.

With the great Ghulmore currently on the back-foot, Serenity resumes on the aggression with 3x Phoenix in an attempt to do damage to Ghulmore, getting 3-4 probes killed.
Unfortunately for our Ghulmore the great, 11 probes have died to the hands of the phoenixes.

Ghulmore again fends off the phoenix aggression resulting in a few more probe deaths, although at the same time, Ghulmore pumps out an Immortal while starting the 1+ ground attack upgrade. Ghulmore is brewing something amazing.

The Phoenixes comes back into Ghulmore’s main base doing damage to probes and for the last time, forcing an nexus overcharge. While the phoenixes do get away, they take heavy damage bringing them to low HP, forcing them out of combat for some time.

The 10:00 mark approaches and Ghulmore places down a cheeky Twilight Council while saturating his natural with 17 probes, bringing the overall supplies to a close 75 – 80.

After a few minutes of pumping out units, Ghulmore asks if he can “pause please” and waits for a confirmation before pausing. I had to include this because.. wow, what a true gentlemen.

With the time paused at 11:16 we currently have Ghulmore builing 2 warpgates, a few immortals and starting his zealot charge upgrade.
The game resumes and Ghulmore places down a Templar Archives and begins his 2+ Ground Upgrade while his opponent starts his 1+ ground and thermal lance upgrade

After more phoenix harassment, Ghulmore the great decides he’s had enough with these silly phoenixes and places down 2x Stargates along with multiple cannons in addition to the cannons already in his mineral line.

Both players place down a 3rd Nexus at around the 15:00 mark with Ghulmore starting on voidrays, building two of them at first as his his Templar Archives finishes.

Serenity showing aggression, pushes out and places his units near Ghulmore’s base in preparation for an attack. The current army supplies being 86 – 68 with Serenity leading, here’s too hoping Ghulmore the great emerges victorious!

Right before the attack takes place Ghulmore builds 2x High Templar and convets them into Archons as part of the icing on Ghulmore’s army.

17:30 The big attack commences attacking Ghulmore’s third base, taking it out as Ghulmore is forced to retreat.

Forced in to the final fight, Ghulmore defends his base with everything he has but unfornately loses the majority of his army to Senernity’s Archon/Colossus composition.

Serenity takes the victory but Ghulmore the great will be back better than ever.

2-1 to Gravity


DeadlyGaming vs Gravity – GAME 4 – Minkus(Z) vs Semper(T)
– Current Score: 2-1 Gravity
– Map: Star Station

Spawn Positions:
|DG|Minkus – 2 o’clock position
[Grav]Semper – 8 o’clock position

The Game:

Coming in to our 4th game, can the incredible Minkus pull the comeback with him being the last player remaining?

The opening’s are fairy standard with Semper opting to take the early single gas showing potential Reaper aggression while Minkus goes hatch first in to spawning pool.

Minkus with his sixth sense uses a drone to scout the natural for any cheeky bunkers but finds nothing true happiness for the drone.

3:50 Hatchery finishes while Semper starts an early Command Station and begins pushing out with his first Reaper.
The Reaper arrives to Minkus’ base with Minkus showing fantastic micro, saving all of his drones, turning both drones in danger in to a Extractor and one into Roach Warren.

After defending, Minkus is in the lead with 35 supply to 23.

The 5:30 arrives and Semper begins building a Starport after scouting the Roach Warren in addition to building 4-5 Hellions, all while Minkus decides to take a cheeky third hatchery, only for his drone to be caught by a Reaper, but thankfully the little drone still gets the hatch down safely. Good Stuff.

Not long after, Semper begins pushing out with 5 Hellions and 2 Reapers to try and do some damage to Minkus’ third hatchery but unforantely the stream crashes for a few minutes BUT NEVER WORRY BECAUSE THIS IS MINKUS.

Resuming at 9:00 it appears Semper is displaying some harassment with 1 cloaked banshee and 6 hellions accompied by 2 reapers but with Minkus’ impressive performance he displays a great defense with a number of roaches and 2 queens, losing a single queen as another banshee comes in to help.

Both banshees get away with red health bars after Minkus successfully defends only losing 1 queen.

The game reaches the 10:50 time and we have a forth hatchery coming up for Minkus and it looks like minkus is building 4– NO 7 Mutalisks along with 1+ Air and Melee upgrade and +1 Hround unit armour upgrades! NICE.

Minkus begins showing some agression with 3-4 roaches attacking Semper’s 3rd base, quickly being shutdown to defending marines, all while two cloaked banshees attack Minkus 5th newly placed base, cancelling it.

14:00 with Minkus finishing his upgrades, he immediately begins his 2+ Ground Melee and Armor upgrades along with +2 Air attack and baneling speed upgrades and once again attempts to take his 5th base.

With a large number of Mutalisks now out on the field, Minkus begins showing aggression, sniping numerous SCV’s here and there, while pumping out 21 banelings! and now 40 banelings! MINKUS IS SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE.

As Minkus pulls his Mutalisks back from defending marines, he attacks with his Ling/Baneling army and A LARGE FIGHT APPEARS TO BEGIN but immediately both players pull back their forces taking minimal loses, and both players opting to retreat completely. Minkus MINDGAMES.

The roles suddenly switch and now Minkus is on the defense as a large bio force consisting of marine/mine pushes into Minkus base AND MINKUS HOLDS IT PERFECTLY!
HUGE DAMAGE from Minkus and cleans up absolutely everything from Semper. WOW. He then tries to push into Sempers base only to be caught out by 7 burrowed window mines, forcing Minkus to retreat. Cheeky Mines.

18:30 Minkus decides to attack again but only with a small pack of lings and scouts 16 widow mines! DAMN SON. Minkus decides to throw down an ultra cavern and starts adrenal glands.

Moments later ANOTHER BIG FIGHT GOES OUT with Minkus’ forces charging in with both players taking heavy damage, but unforunately the defending Widow Mines are doing WORK on Minkus ground army but the Mutalisks get away flawlessly. All is well for Minkus.

Now 161 Supply to 140, Minkus is in the lead. He pumps out another 40~ zerglings with banelings and again attacks the 4th base from Semper doing damge but not destroying it.

21:30 Both teams take a break and begin remaxing but Minkus is in the dominant position with the map control.

22:40 Semper pushes in with a small squad of marines keen on doing damage but is quickly nullified by a mass of zerlings and banelings. Solid plays from both players so far!

With the 25 minute mark rapidly approaching, Minkus starts transitioning in to Ultras and the marine that scouted all of this… well he won’t be going home tonight.

After multiple smaller engagements of Ultralisks/Mutalisks w/ Banelings vs Marine/Mine w/ Medvacs both players are beginning to show signs of wear.

The 27:40 mark approaches and ANOTHER BIG BATTLE OCCURS, we have Minkus charging in but taking damage from the widow mines, but never to worry as minimal damage is only dealt.
Both players resume sitting back and once again remax until another attack from Minkus starts with the Mutalisks doing a little harassment to Semper’s forces.

The match goes on with both players trading blow for blow, each killing one base after another of each others, with each fight taking a bigger toll on Minkus due to the expensive of Ultralisks and infestors.

As each fight takes place, Semper continues to split harass and eventully wears down Minkus even though Minkus continues to micro brilliantly each and every second.

In the end, Semper’s forces become too much and continues to destroy valuable hatchery’s that were so sorely needed.
Both players were ran in to the ground and starved for resources, with Semper coming out on top.

Semper takes the final game, winning the series 3-1 for Gravity.

Every player played flawlessly and each match was 100% of the finest entertainment to watch.

Congratulations to Gravity and well done to the DeadlyGaming team for giving us one awesome series to watch, you made us all proud.